Fallen Stars – Rising Above

I grasp at straws, trying to pull myself over the raging expanse of dark waters drowning me into its terrifying depths. I burst out above the black waters, flailing my hands and legs. I have to hold on to something to keep myself afloat. I have to find my piece of wood. Find my silver lining. Find it. Grab it. Perch myself atop of it. Visualize myself floating! Surviving.

I hold on to that speck of light, hope, tiny as it is. The speck is all that exists. The black, stormy waters don’t exist. And I imagine that speck of light growing bigger and bigger, until it becomes my whole world. I make it my entire focus. Believe in it. Live it. It surrounds me like a golden globe of protection and safety. Nothing can penetrate it.

In real life, this tiny hope of light can be my dog’s love. Or my art or writing. A talent that is unique to me. It may not be a great skill but it’s still MY light. And that is irreplaceable. Alternatively, it may be the fact that I have a cozy bed. I will sleep on it imagining that I’m in heaven, in peace; safe from everything else. It could also be repeating my mantra, breathing in and out, “Everything is going to be alright. I’m at peace. I’m happy and secure.” It could be a tree perhaps, out my window, with lush green leaves and blossoms growing in abundance. I will look at the tree and only the tree and it will give me peace from the rest of my surroundings. The tree will become my world as it blows its pure life into me, swaying in the breeze. I feel it. Bask in it. Become it.

I see nothing else but this POSITIVE minuscule thing in the midst of a raging dark ocean. This tiny POSITIVE thing will become my entire focus and that’s how I will survive.

I will survive and come out of it shining like a new born star from the ashes like a phoenix. This shining, glorious, bright star defines me. This is the real me. This is the sparkling true self rising from the darkness, who knows what life is, who knows what hell is, who knows what humility is. Who knows. And from that knowing comes the shine. Comes the compassion, comes the empathy, comes the pulsating connection to every human being, which unifies us all, irrespective of who or where we are.

And that’s reason enough to smile. To spread that positive energy to everyone and everything around us. This smile emanates from our true soul and its vibrance can reach the darkest corners of the earth and bring it joy, and the change our society much needs. It can move things and achieve the impossible.




    1. Thank you for your support 🙂 The Gratitude Challenge is also an effort for us to rise above our circumstances in life. Prayers that all of us can find something positive in our everyday. ❤


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