Restoration 1: The Healer

It hurt to breathe. It hurt not to breathe. How did something as elemental and instinctive as breathing become so laborious? Poisonous air felt like searing fire running through my veins.

I seek to recuperate. Flee from everything that is contaminated and toxic, pulling me back into the clutches of darkness and impurity. I seek Light.

I seek the green fields, rolling hills, stream cut valleys and dense woods that heal the soul!

I ran. Ran away from the concrete jungle that engulfed and suffocated me.

In the midst of the forest I came to a standstill. Surrounded by tall, green trees, I lifted my head up to take in their vastness extending to the sky in tranquil serenity. The peace was soothing to an ailing soul and my heartbeat steadied to match itself with the rhythm of the forest.

As I sat there resting, mind far away, a tear drop escaped my eyes and fell to the floor. The Earth seemed to absorb my pain. Silently, more and more drops trickled down my cheeks and seeped into Her being. With increasing intensity, my throat let out hiccuping sobs in Her calming presence and my body shivered as overwhelming regret and grief poured out.

I know not how long I wept, clenching mud and grass. Minutes passed, what seemed like hours.

I did not notice when a gentle breeze went rustling through the woods. It picked up slowly and began to swirl around me. I looked up, startled from my haze and witnessed the surroundings reverberate with elemental energy. The wind was alive. The plants, leaves, soil, pebbles, were aglow with Light. The Earth was vibrant and I could feel Her thrum of purity pulsating through each tree, every blade of grass, every leaf, flower and rock.

Her strong and loving embrace washed over me like a huge wave ebbing away sands of darkness from under my feet. It was as if She was tenderly cradling and nudging a child in Her arms, urging it to look up, chin up, all is not lost, We’re here, there is a greater purpose, your enlightenment and pain will serve as empathy to lift others from suffering. Enveloped in Her warmth, step by step, my soul liberated from the powerful hold of darkness and negativity.

I was lost in wonder at these ancient sentient beings. They healed the broken shards of my shattered soul strewn across their soil with their unpolluted, wholesome magic. A refreshing breeze tingled through the strands of my hair and I could feel Mother Earth’s deep love for all its creatures.

How can I save Her?



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