Restoration 2: Duty of the Healed

Can I, in turn, feel the weeping sobs of the Earth? Can I perceive Her voice of pain, calling out for help? Her wounds are severe.

The elementals have witnessed eons of madness forged by the very beings that were created as Her guardians. I speak of my brethren and kindred. Indeed, humans are the protectors of the land who walk upright over all beasts; their most priced and prided children.

The parent Earth has suffered only so that we may be comfortable. The elementals have borne through eternities of selfish destruction seeded by greed and evil. Their infinite patience is wearing thin and righteous storms are brewing in the heavens to cleanse our outward and inward deterioration.

We need to hasten. We need to change our ways. These simple words are paramount.

For how can we live if there is no Earth to live on? No air to breathe but toxic fumes? Created by us. No water to drink but poisonous liquid flowing in rivers? Created by us. Why are we hurrying to transform seawater into drinkable form? It is like giving our children lethal food and then making a colossal fuss about saving them or finding medicine to “cure” them. How silly are we? Or are we just hypocrites? But oh, isn’t the sea polluted too with our waste dump? The ocean is so vast that it is alright as long as we don’t see our filth floating in it and we could allow ourselves to get complacent about it?

Is our gift to our descendants polluted waters, contaminated air, barren lands, starvation, diseases and grief? What kind of parents are we? What sort of protectors of Earth are we?

We are Her children but we are too busy fighting each other to notice we won’t soon have the Earth to stand on to breathe, let alone fight. Yet aren’t humans about harmony? Aren’t we about altruism? Aren’t we about giving? Aren’t we about nurturing? Aren’t we about compassion? Aren’t we about Light? Why are we conducting ourselves like children of darkness rather than Light? We are children of Light, have no doubt. Because Nature is Light and purity. And we are inherently formed of Nature.

I urge my brothers and sisters to lay down their fingers and toes upon the land, become one with Her deep, invigorating pureness, feel our indispensable connection to the Earth and be reborn. Let Her harmony and love, Her roots that link the whole world irrespective of differences, flow through us and let us emanate these virtues.



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