Gratitude Challenge – Day 1 – Water

Today has been a day of water-related adventures! Strangely enough.

Open your eyes in the morning and find one of my family tussling with a pipe in one hand leaking endless streams of water all over the bathroom floor (seriously?!), because they forgot to close the tank lever. Luckily, we are tiled!

Don’t ask me how the tank-lever thing works ‘coz I haven’t a clue but I pushed up my sleeves to enter into battleground with pots and pails hoping to conserve the running water and put it to good use later! No, I’m not joking or making up a story to entertain you, this actually happened. And we saved nearly 3 gallons of water!

After the war was over and peace prevailed in our (bathroom) land, I filled a glass to enjoy a scrummy drink of my favourite juice, with a thanks to the heavens, forget not (!) and settled down, appreciating a sunny winter morning to go over my plans for the day.

Soon enough, the first achooooo launched itself. Seriously? (Again with the word!) Sure it’s “I’m grateful for water” day but not the one streaming down my nose!! And I had a party to go to in the evening! I had to stop this cold at all costs! (War cry?)

I made up my mind, “Okay, come what may, I’m not wavering from my gratitude practice today!” More reasons to say thank you for drinking water as I needed lots of fluids in me to get better! And a hot water soak for my feet! And surely, the flu is getting rid of toxins from my head flowing out, right?

As I looked down at my vessel, feet dipped in steaming, lukewarm water (which I later poured over the soil in my window garden; water conservation and recycling, you know), I began to think… wow, what would I do without water. How would I go about life without it. How many number of times do we use water in a single day, yet we’ve taken it so much for granted that we don’t even notice when we waste it, leave our taps running or pollute our lakes.

I also began to think about how we use non-renewable resources to heat up our water, yet we still need greater awareness of how important it is to save and conserve them for future generations rather than using it all up for our own purposes, and ruining nature too in the process.

I encourage everyone to think organic, natural and about how we could help to promote renewable energy and recycling in our every day lives, be it in our home or office space, wherever we are.

Getting back to my challenge (*winks*), the rest of my day went by peacefully and I managed to go to the party and have fun, being grateful for the bottles of water and drinks, and the washroom pipes (haha!) along the way. I would have a hard time looking good, decent even, without water to wash my face and put on eye liner before going to out! (Mascara black eye! Gosh, no!)

And each time my dog trotted along to his bowl and lapped up some water, I couldn’t help but smile at these life-giving but very under-valued and taken-for-granted drops of blessings.


My dear friend, Marcy, shared beautiful pictures of sparkling snow in sunlight (water’s manifestations) on her way to work, as part of her gratitude work-out for the day! 🙂







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