Gratitude Challenge – Day 2 – Hands

Pulling back my blanket from Ozzie’s doggy paws scraping away at my shoulder and strong teeth tugging hard, digging holes into what he believes every (early) morning to be his duck (prey), I snoozed back to sleep. “Go away, let me sleep some more Ozzie, bother me in later.” As I snuggled in, a voice at the back of my head said, “Hands today!” and I was groggily grateful for my arms that drew the warm blanket in closer to my face.

When it was time to be up and ready, I squished a bit of toothpaste onto my brush and regarded it very carefully. If it wasn’t for the strength of my arms and the presence of fingers, I’d probably be called dog-breath by everyone around me!

At breakfast, I felt very grateful to be able to make and bring yummy food to my mouth and eat! Imagine having an elephant’s trunk and eating bamboo with it!! I’d be a mess stuffing uncooked food and water into my nose for want of coordination! And definitely never be able to cut bacon into those tiny, biteable pieces and eat like a lady! Licking and lapping up chicken with my tongue like Ozzie at a dinner table would send a date running for the hills I’m sure!

Getting my eye-liner on….hmm….another reason to thank my hands! Bless heaven for inventing them! Genius! I never knew evolution grew brains to invent such brilliance.

As I sat typing on my computer and using my phone to check messages, I really couldn’t help thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without my dear arms that toil every second to assist me in making life easier. I really need to be thankful and look after them better.

It is so amazing that I can paint with my beloved fingers. What would I do without art! Cannot imagine life without these little guardian angels that hold my pencil and help me fight my darkest hours.

And before I forget to mention the head cold from yesterday! Awk! What a day for sniffling noses and crumpled tissues, a binful! I’d be dribbling all over everywhere like my dog if I couldn’t wipe them off with my hands! Besides, using the toilet would be an unimaginable, frightful, blooming mess!!

Moving on to the fun stuff! They celebrate a festival in my country today, every year, and lighting lamps and sparklers was tradition! More reasons to be absolutely grateful for our arms and fingers.

IMG_20161213_183656 (2).jpg

Then there was the beautiful, luminescent moon to take pictures of with my hands.


Marcy shared her Day 2 practice with me. She is an amazingly creative artist and her hand painted cards are exceptional! Interestingly, she got to attend an art show displaying ‘Madhubani’ paintings today! Talk about being thankful for arms and hands! She also loves to knit and shared her gratitude picture. 🙂




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