Gratitude Challenge Day 3 – Dancing Away to Happiness

Long legs that carry me wherever I seek to go

You take me aboard you to fulfill my purpose, wishes and heart’s desires

Be it chocolate candy in a shop across the street or to meet my friends over the ocean

Without you, I cannot live up to my soul’s full potential

In service to society or toward my own dancing dreams

Waking up and stepping onto the floor, my legs did not fall over my weight and I smiled down at them in gratitude. Walking everywhere, they supported me right from standing over the sink while I brushed my teeth to when I took my dog out to exercise, where I nearly tripped from his fierce pulling on the leash. Nonetheless, thanks to the efficiency of my beloved feet, I did not fall headlong onto the stone floor and break my teeth or others body parts.

Moreover, I had lessons in classical dancing today and cannot imagine not being able to experience this beautiful art. Dancing uplifts my very soul. It helps me deal with PTSD. The freedom of movement that you feel when you’re dancing makes you let go and revives your entire being. It removes all thoughts from your mind and elevates your soul as you blend into one with your body and nothing exists but the dance. It is invigorating. The healthy work-out is a plus. The artsy, flowing, unimpeded motions, the twirls, poses, gestures and expressions enliven you.

So, with a deep sense of gratitude to my feet, I ended my day.


Marcy shared her amazing experience with me regarding her practice. She usually walks to and from work daily, quite a decent stretch for a walk too. However, on this special day of gratitude for her feet, she wasn’t allowed to walk to or back from her workplace! Instead, she got a lift from her colleague or boss I think. On top of that, imagine her surprise at this coincidence when she had to be on her feet all day long helping sort out a huge donation of clothing and she was one of the only people who didn’t have leg or knee problems!

She also found this trending on her FB page today 🙂



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