Gratitude Challenge Day 4 – Home Sweet Home

Aren’t we all really lucky to have a home to come back to after a weary day out in the world. Our own sacred, sweet haven of warmth. Especially in the winter, we’d freeze to our deaths in the cold snowfall and icy weather.

I know it’s one of those things we take for granted, but those of us who have been broke and faced a rent to pay situation in our lives at least once will know exactly how crippling poverty can be, and this is all the more reason to feel absolutely thankful for our homes as well as to those who make our shelter possible for us.

Today helped me look at my home with new eyes. My most favourite place is the kitchen! *chuckles* Where magic happens and our stomachs become happy and fed with those delicious eatables that tantalize our taste buds.

And of course the bathroom! Imagine those primitive days when nature used to be our only reprieve!

The cozy place in one section of our home which we call ‘our room’ is surely a castle fit for us kings and queens! No matter how small or large, it is the one place in the world we can be completely ourselves.

As I float off to dreamland in my warm bed, I say a prayer of thank you to heaven and for the salvation of those homeless people out there who need desperate help.

Marcy lives in place where it is snowing this season and she told me that she felt so happy to be able to come home and rest. She also made a hot cuppa egg coffee and shared her yummy recipe with me! How lucky for me! 🙂 Here’s my cup!



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