Gratitude Challenge -Job, Bath, Food

I’d given myself a break from writing for a couple of days because I didn’t want to force the flow of thoughts and words. Nevertheless, I have been calmly practicing the challenge and having fun with the ups and downs of life! 🙂 Here’s a brief account.

Day 5 – Job

It’s Christmas hols and I’ve have taken this time to focus on things I’d usually be unable to do with a daily work routine. I’ve been catching up on my painting and spending time bonding with my dog, Ozzie, both of which are very relaxing experiences. Art has this way of letting go and gives you a freedom unobtainable elsewhere. Pets help us unwind from our stressful life and spread smiles across our faces with their comic, four-legged, licky-tongued antics. I’m currently planning to go out to the National Park to connect with nature. It is very uplifting and soothing (since I live in a tropical winter zone which is pretty much like the British summer and the best time of the year!).

Day 6 – Bath

Today I’d been working on my window garden and the amount of muck that lodges itself underneath the nails is unbelievable! And since I love the smell of wet soil and the fresh, green fragrance of the plants, I inadvertently had mud stained on my face and clothes. *chuckles* So it felt very good to take a warm bath after and come out clean and glowing with freshness. I also managed to say a small but deep thank you to my body for it’s unwavering assistance in making my life possible.

Day 7 – Food

It was a pleasant surprise when the ingredients left over in my refrigerator the night before told me it was going to be one of my favorite recipes tomorrow. So after a long time, my family and I made this delicious dish today and we enjoyed every piece and morsel of it! I imagined the yummy meal and its wholesome nutrients circulating throughout my body and reaching every pore and corner, filling it up with revitalizing energy and health. I can tell you that felt good 🙂 and I’m grateful. Hunger is a painful thing and that nobody should experience. I pray for all those souls out there who need and are unable to procure even the most basic necessities of life. Let’s never waste our food or take them for granted; for every grain of rice and bread that we waste, there is a human soul out there who desperately needs it, but can’t have it.


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