Gratitude Challenge Day 8 – A Girl’s Best Friend

Today’s challenge is my favourite! It’s gratitude for pets day! How could we ever cope without these furry blessings!! Even the closest human company becomes a pain in the behind sometimes; nevertheless, no matter what, who, how or where we are, we can always rely on these cute, fluffy beings.

I feel the people of our world must take a page from these animals’ books as they do not discriminate their affection for a person based on race, status or other criteria.

Their loving, sidelong looks with big, innocent eyes melt your heart because you know that they own and exude qualities such as – unconditional love, loyalty, devotion, faith in us even when we don’t recognize it in ourselves – qualities which we all look for in humans but shamefully and scarcely find in our present world.

IMG_20161218_183855 (2).jpg

Our pets never, ever judge us. Society and family may approve or disapprove of who we are, but even when we judge ourselves, our loyal pets believe in and love us anyway. It makes them our ideal hold for a steadfast, unwavering happiness in a faltering, undependable and precarious world.

My dog, Ozzie, helps me cope with panic attacks. He calms me down like nothing else. When he nuzzles his way onto my lap and settles down there to sleep in the safety of my nearness, like a child cocooning in his mother’s arms, the feeling is indescribable. As I stroke his fur, it’s like a warm sun snuggled on my lap sending its toasty rays up through my tummy, reaching my heart and circulating the warmth and love to the rest of my body, calming the churning abyss in my stomach. All of my soul calms down and I can finally breathe, like a drowning person flailing, found something to hold on to rise herself up and draw in the first refreshing, gasping breaths of life-saving oxygen.


I am very deeply grateful for the presence of my dog in my life.


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