Gratitude Challenge -Clothes, Internet, Exercise


When I look back at my life, I feel that I’ve been lucky to be blessed with good clothes to wear. That is, everyone used to gift me dresses and tops wherever I went. So even when I was jobless and couldn’t afford pretty things, I always had plenty of decent stuff to wear, if not expensive, thanks to these people. I’m extremely grateful because a girl needs to look decent.

Though personally I’m of the opinion that it’s the heart or the goodness inside that’s most important, I’d been forced to learn the hard way that dressing well does indeed matter (for a woman, especially), if one is to receive proper respect and value for oneself, instead of being brushed aside by one’s peers, friends and colleagues.

And today, I was thoroughly grateful to the tailors who stitch our gorgeous clothes, for the needle and thread, the colours without which we would be a black and white photograph, and the art of fashion! 😉


Good lord, what would I do without the INTERNET!! O_O When I think that I’ve lived in the prehistoric, archaic age of using the ‘public telephone booths’ to make long distance calls, I wince with disbelief. *chuckles* Who would have thought! In the last 15 years, we have galloped from using ‘dinosaur gadgets’ to shiny, sleek robot-age technology! Unbelievable. I’m sure my kids (when I have them) would ask me, “What’s a tape recorder?” or, “Why do you need negatives for photos?”

My best friend lives across the planet and how in the world would I survive everyday, let alone a bad day, without her! I jump with joy together with her over the Internet when one of us receives a great news to celebrate! I’m sure that I cannot list the critical necessity of this wonder in my daily life and I’m not even mentioning Google, which we use to look up anything and everything!


Hmm…honestly I’m not an exercise buff. Sure I’m a great enthusiast at building exercise routine castles in the air but to get round to actually keeping the schedule, not so much. -_- Procrastination might have something to do with it.

So I wasn’t sure how to be grateful for something I wish to do everyday but don’t really do it as a hard-core practice. Though, I do remember having  walked long distances to and fro while in college, and I used to have a lot of stamina back then and would feel the health afterwards. Now I don’t sense that vitality and energy-expended shine that you obtain after a work-out. So lately I’ve started doing my dance training and have decided to try, as a New Year resolution, to do some Yoga too.


Merry Christmas everyone! May giving and happiness, two things that go hand in hand, be yours always!


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