Gratitude Challenge -Air, Family, Giving

I’ve been a little extra-busy this holiday season with some fantastic news over Christmas eve that made my year. More to be grateful for!!!! Amazing! Let me continue my note on the challenge with apologies for the delay.


In today’s environment where clean air is a scarcity, I felt really thankful for the remaining precious air on earth that we’ve saved for posterity – which is not much. I live in a city where smoke and grime is something that has become normal. If you think about it, it is actually abnormal. Clean, healthy and fresh air from natural, green surroundings is normal. Eco-friendly is normal. Polluted, stale air isn’t.

Abnormal has become normal.

Today helped me feel the air supplying oxygen (and toxins from the environment) to my lungs, through my heart to my brain and the rest of all the vital parts in the body. I really hope we can move to a time where our planet can become healthy again, thereby restoring our spiritual, emotional and physical health from sickness.


Christmas is a time for family reunions world over. Where I hail from, we live with our family and that’s something to be very grateful for. Sure there are fights and arguments more times than comfortable or sanely tolerable, nevertheless, family grounds and embraces us. We don’t feel quite so lonely, especially during tough times, they’re the people who look out for us. Mother, father, sisters, brothers, spouse, children, cousins, friends. Often friends are more family to us than our own blood. I’m so extremely thankful today and everyday for the presence of these wonderful souls that keep me going.


I chose the challenge of ‘giving’ for today because I feel that we could adopt this way of life into our daily, not just during this wonderful season. Giving and sharing is hard. Usually we want things for ourselves. We pray for ourselves. It takes strength to let go of oneself and pray. Live for something bigger than ourselves. Small things are easier to give. Like sharing a meal that’s not enough for you when you can’t afford a good meal. But bigger things, things that define you, things that form your identity, are harder to give. Because you have to give something that belongs with you, is a part of you or stuff that you worked for, earned, deserve, time, years, effort, energy, trust, faith, loyalty, sincerity. Those things are harder to give.

I choose to give rather than lose.

So today, I thought about the things that I’ve given to the wind and still standing with greater compassion and kindness left in me to give more, and I stay blessed for it.



  1. ” I thought about the things that I’ve given to the wind and still standing with greater compassion and kindness left in me to give more, and I stay blessed for it.”

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