30-Day Gratitude Challenge: Secret to Happiness! UPDATES!

Please participate together with me and share your experiences, feelings or reflections, even just a few lines! 🙂

Let’s enter the New Year 2017 with gratitude and positive vibes! Thank you!

“The secret to happiness is being grateful for everything that comes our way.” – Teachings

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don’t have,
you will never, ever have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

Topic list:


Now that you’ve got an idea of how to practice my challenge (below: Day 1-8), hope you’ll find this journey an elevating experience.

Day 17 – 28/12/2016 Wednesday – Random things to feel glad about.

Day 18 – 29/12/2016 Thursday – MUSIC

Day 19 – 30/12/2016 Friday – SHOES

Day 20 – 31/12/2016 Saturday – FIREWORKS/LIGHTING

Day 21 – 1/1/2017 Sunday – NEW BEGINNINGS – Everyday is a new day

Day 22 – 2/1/2017 Monday – SKY/NATURE

Day 23 – 3/1/2017 Tuesday – 5 SENSES

Day 24 – 4/1/2017 Wednesday – FURNITURE

Day 25 – 5/1/2017 Thursday – TRANSPORT

Day 26 – 6/1/2017 Friday – EDUCATION

Day 27 – 7/1/2017 Saturday – HUGS

Day 28 – 8/1/2017 Sunday – HEALTH

Day 29 – 9/1/2017 Monday – BEING ALIVE

Day 30 – 10/1/2017 Tuesday – List 5 things to feel happy and grateful about


Day 9 – 20/12/2016 Tuesday – CLOTHES

Day 10 – 21/12/2016 Wednesday – INTERNET

Day 11 – 22/12/2016 Thursday – EXERCISE

Day 12 – 23/12/2016 Friday – AIR/OXYGEN

Day 13 – 24/12/2016 Saturday – FAMILY

Day 14 – 25/12/2016 Sunday – GIVING

Day 15 – 26/12/2016 Monday – SHOPPING

Day 16 – 27/12/2016 Tuesday – FRIENDS


Day 1 – 12/12/2016 Monday – WATER. Each time we use water, be it for drinking, washing hands or watering plants, let’s say a thank you today! The blood that flows inside us is liquid too! Please share your feelings at the end of the day 🙂

Day 2 – 13/12/2016 Tuesday – HANDS. Let’s be conscious of our arms and fingers throughout today; how useful they are, what would we do without them! And say a little thank you! Any sketch artists and pianists out there? We all use phones and I’m sure my dog’s paws would have a hard time typing messages!

Day 3 – 14/12/2016 Wednesday – LEGS. Following up ‘hands’ with gratitude for our feet and amazing legs! They hold our weight all day long! A thank you each time we use them today! Dance away on this beautiful day.

Day 4 – 15/12/2016 Thursday – SHELTER. We have a roof over our heads, no matter how small, they protect us from cold and heat. Let’s look after our home today by doing a tiny, mini-clean up before heading out to work, or say thanks to the bed, cups and pans, the ceiling, the heater, and everything else in the place haha!

Day 5 – 16/12/2016 Friday – JOB. You guessed it! How lucky are most of us to have jobs that provide our living! And it’s Friday! Let’s take today to say thank you to our work place and colleagues in our hearts/minds (no matter how hard) and see how they will be affected by our positive vibes! You never know!

UNEMPLOYED – Those of us who are unemployed at the moment, let’s take this time to recuperate our minds and bodies, and prepare for our next phase in life, which will most certainly come. Visualize it. While waiting, we could perhaps cultivate our passions in art, writing or other things and focus on being calm and patient; enduring stressful/hard times will become our virtue.

Day 6 – 17/12/2016 Saturday – SHOWER/BATH.  After a super busy week, how amazing is it to immerse our worn bodies into a tub and have the warm soothing water relax every muscle and pore. How awesome is it to have hot water. Let’s say thank you to all our body parts, inside and out, today.

Day 7 – 18/12/2016 Sunday – FOOD. A day for delicious home-cooked meals or just food! We’re alive thanks to those yummy little lovely meats and greens! To have this nutritious meal on our plates, how many people have worked to get it there. The farmers who toil day in and out, the transport drivers who bring to our stores, the sun that grows all life, the little animals that give for our health and well being. We can never be grateful enough to them all. With each bite, let’s be thankful and feel the pulsating freshness through our body.

Day 8 – 19/12/2016 Monday – PETS. Pets are dear little (or big) furry teddy bears that just make us forget our blues! Their unconditional love is to learn from and share with our fellow human beings in our dreary society today. The more we ‘thank you-hug’ them, the more they’ll keep asking for those feel-good cuddles 🙂 Those of us who don’t have pets could take a walk out in the park today and enjoy the pleasant birds singing in the trees. Or play our favorite music at home, watch the snow fall snuggled in a warm blanket and think of cozy, nice things.

Join me! 🙂 May we bloom with positivity this new year!


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