Gratitude Challenge -Shopping, Friends, Glad Game


We all know Boxing Day equals reduced or best bargain prices. Well, where I live, we have something called street shopping. Which is pretty much “open” everyday. Plus you get excellent prices. So provided you choose well, you can obtain some really good tops and dresses for reasonable prices.

I believe in looking good with reasonably priced commodity coupled with quality and am not big on brands or expensive stuff out there, unless I’m purchasing them for their quality rather than to enlarge an ego.

I was really grateful to be able to buy things for myself and my family. There’s a video that I saw, where a poor little (orphan?) boy was helplessly trying to fix his broken slipper and was looking in awe at other little boys who were blessed with parents who gave them everything they wanted. Yet he kept his honour and very high moral standards intact when he ran after a train barefoot to return another boy’s dropped shoe. And the beautiful thing was, the rich boy on the speeding train removed and threw back his other shoe to the poor boy so that he could keep both the brand new shoes and wouldn’t be barefoot any longer.

It brought tears to my eyes and I felt so grateful and guilty to have so much, so much stuff, more than enough really, more than I deserve. And I vowed to use the material blessings that I have with care, affection, and minimally – buy only what I need instead of careless, luxury shopping.

Day 16 – FRIENDS

The topic for today was a really special one. 🙂 Friends. We all know how absolutely fantastic these charming beings are. They’re our soul sisters and brothers that destiny forgot to give us, they’re family bonded by heart, we choose them, they reflect who we are, form our identities, they’re our partners in crime haha! The world would be less fun, mischievous and happy without them. Those are the people who already know that I’d always be there for them no matter what.

And I’ve seen during tough times who my real friends are. People who genuinely understood me, were there beside me through thick and thin, and who stand up for what is right.


I must say it was interesting today. With nothing concrete to actually be grateful about, I was looking all day for things I can feel glad for. I tried to remember to feel thankful for my feet to walk on, hands that do my bidding, a sunny day to breath in the sound of birds singing around me, my blanket, family, home, money, food, laptop, internet, friendships, dancing, clothes, perfume, stationary, books and the imaginary, happy places they take me to, my dog, and such.

I was reading around mid-morning, basking in the beautiful tropical winter sun, and I heard a very pleasing, lovely flute tune waft in through my window. Apparently, there’s this guy who walks by every week down the street playing his sweet, happy, cheerful melody. Bamboo flute has such a warm and pleasant sound to it and I felt like the children who wanted to follow the enchanted Piper. 🙂 I felt grateful to listen to his lovely music and hoped that he could receive enough money to get by his day or that some famous musician would recruit him so he’d never, ever go hungry!


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